Congress has gotten a wee bit smarter.   The dumbest woman in Congress, one Carolyn McCarthy has retired, from Useless Toady:

MINEOLA, N.Y. – Early in her congressional career, Carolyn McCarthy’s plea – rare in politics – was, “Let me go home!” That is, pass gun control laws and let me retire, having done what I came to Washington to do.

Now, after 18 years, she finally is going home, back to the gray clapboard house where she grew up, settled after marriage, raised a child and received condolences after her husband was shot down in the 1993 Long Island Rail Road massacre.

This is simple. The Widow McCarthy was widowed because of gun control. Her husband’s murder, Colin Ferguson, picked a murder venue where he felt confident that he would be the only person with a gun and with plenty of white targets. Yet despite beginning widowed by gun control, the Widow McCarthy made gun control her political cause.

Background, from Wikipedia:

On December 7, 1993, [Colin] Ferguson purchased a ticket for the 5:33 p.m. east-bound train at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. This train stopped at the Jamaica Station in Queens. Ferguson boarded the third car of the east-bound Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) commuter train from Penn Station to Mineola, along with more than 80 other passengers. Ferguson, who sat on the southwestern end of the car,[13] was carrying his handgun and a canvas bag filled with 160 rounds of ammunition.[6][14] As the train approached the Merillon Avenue Station, Ferguson drew the gun, dropped several cartridges on the ground, stood up, and opened fire at random. During the next three minutes, Ferguson killed six people and injured another 19. Some passengers mistook the gunshots for caps or fireworks until a woman shouted, “He’s got a gun! He’s shooting people!”[13] Ferguson walked east on the train, pulling the trigger steadily about every half second. Several passengers tried to hide beneath their seats, while others fled to the eastern end of the train and tried to go into the next car. Ferguson walked down the aisle of the train and shot people to his right and left as he passed each seat, briefly facing each victim before firing. The New York Times later wrote the motions were “as methodical as if he were taking tickets”.[13] Ferguson said, “I’m going to get you”, over and over as he walked down the aisle.[14]

New York’s gun control did not make Dennis McCarthy’s Long Island Railroad coach safe for me, nor would his widow’s gun control made life safer for any law abiding citizen.

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