I think Limbaugh got this one right…

They’re going to have to learn why this happened.  Why was this presented, this forecast — and, even at its worst, it was gonna be 24 inches, which New York has survived countless times.  
Yet this was presented as a life-threatening crisis, and look what they did, look at the economy, the economic commerce that these people from the National Weather Service and all these politicians collectively ganged up on and destroyed.  Look at all the stores that closed unnecessarily.  Look at all the flights that were canceled unnecessarily.  

Now, the weather guy is apologizing and blaming his models.  The same people that tell us their models 50 to a hundred years out on climate change can be trusted.  Anyway, I mean, I could, I could sit here and do a giant See, I Told You So, predicted this yesterday, and I know what you’re gonna retort: “Hey, Rush, they didn’t miss it. They just missed where. Boston, New England are getting pounded.”  That’s all true.  That’s all true, but, folks, 24 hours out they are forecasting that this is gonna be massive and they still miss it in the nation’s number one city. So just hang on for that.  I mean, this is such a teachable moment.

It is such a teachable moment about government, the relationship that citizens have to and with government. It’s a lesson about how liberals do things and why, and why there will not be an apology from them.  de Blasio is saying, “Hey, better safe than sorry.”  They can never make a mistake. They never screw up. It’s everybody else that screws up and has to apologize. 

And I think that’s exactly right. image

These are the people we are supposed to trust as regards to projecting weather trends over the next hundred or two hundred years, and they can’t get one weekend right, in one city. We are to believe that there will be no disruption to our lives, to our economy, to our freedoms, if we react as they suggest to the supposed threat of global warming, and yet look at the destruction that was wrought by governmental reaction to the mystic production of one the storm, much less the next hundred or two hundred years of our national life.

That point, it seems to me, is step one. Step two cuts a little deeper.

The underwriting, the umbrella thing here that everything falls underneath, liberalism has corrupted.  People who are liberals are now at the National Weather Service, and they can’t separate their liberalism from the job.  So they’re nannies, and they think most people are incompetent, unable to take care of themselves. Not competent, capable to make reasonable, correct judgments when they hear information.  So they have to be babied; they have to be steered and so forth. 

And in reality there is the core of it. They know better than we how to run our lives. These are the smartest guys in the room. And they never screw up. If you believe that, you probably believe that Obama is a great president. Frankly, I don’t know how to address that level of idiocy.

It says I’ve been writing in these spaces for near on two decades now, they think they know how to run your lives, your every activity, better than you. And if you don’t like what they’re doing y, they will use government force you to live to their standards. You’re completely incompetent to handle a snowstorm. And if you can’t handle that, how are you to handle keeping a job, keeping a roof over your head, knowing good from evil, and so on.

Now that we’ve come that far, let’s address the issue of Bill de Blasio. El Supremo himself. Here’s another situation, where his actions are coming back to bite him. Already is popularity is running much lower than it was, and is bound to go lower yet.

Let’s also look more closely at that blob in New Jersey. Chris Christie did nothing but follow along with the mayor’s lead. This is not a leader, this is a follower. And his choices of whom to follow, are questionable at least. I think he’s just been very successful indeed and ruling out any possibility of a presidential run. Just as well, since I really don’t want him anywhere near the White House. The ground in that particular Swamp is unstable enough.

I predict this is going to play heavy on the presidential campaign, going forward. These themes are going to do be central to the core of the arguments going forward. Who is it that is best equipped to deal with the questions of your everyday life? You, or the governments? The disaster that is the last 8 years, and particularly emblematic is the storm that wasn’t, will be the examples.

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