Even the WaPo has noted that there are fifty-three, out of fifty-three, fewer Cuban political prisoners released by Castro than was promised by the regime, from Washington Post:

An air of secrecy surrounds the fate of 53 political prisoners whom Cuba agreed to free in its historic deal with the United States last month, as Washington and Havana’s refusal to publicly identify the dissidents is fueling suspicion over Cuba’s intentions.

Almost three weeks after the agreement, neither dissidents on the island nor leaders in the Cuban exile community know how many have been let out or whether any of the prisoners they are aware of are among those scheduled to be freed.

There is a simple explanation for the regime’s, White House and State Department, inability to name any of these supposed fifty-three political prisoners Castro was alleged to have promised to release. There are none. The regime simply pulled the number fifty-three out of thin air to justify surrendering to Cuba.

Hat tip:   Neo-Neocon.

There were  no promise from Castro, only lies from the regime.