Daily Caller this morning is reporting…..

President Barack Obama is abandoning his proposal to eliminate Section 529 — the popular tax break used by millions of Americans to save for college — following a big backlash, not only from Republicans and parents, but also from his own Democratic allies.

Ace looks at this and muses:

Actually I think it was a stunt from the start. The point of it is to propose an outright attack on the Middle Class so that our energies are expended defending against that attackĀ and not expended on offense repealing ObamaCare.

We then get a the feeling we’ve “won one” and have less of an appetite to fight.

In fact we won nothing. This was always a Negotiating Point, proposed only to be bargained away.

I think Ace is on the right track here, but he doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Let’s be honest here. Obama and his crew are a target rich environment unlike anything we’ve seen since the beginning of the country. It’s not just Obamacare, although that’s part of it. The Benghazi thing coming up very shortly as David mentioned earlier, is certainly another high priority item with this White House. They want to keep it under wraps.  what better way than to create confusion and diversion?

I’ve said this before, but it applies here rather well. This is not an incompetent administration. They know precisely what they’re doing. They have Goose-stepped in exactly the wrong direction at every opportunity. You simply don’t get that kind of consistency without two things going for you, talent, and intent. What we are witness to is resistance management. Now, whether or not it works to my mind is an open question.

Addendum, Eric
Of course, it should be noted that that kind of controversy control, could not possibly have been had to the degree of as absent s press willing to eat out of the hand of Obama and company. Normally, I would consider that an entirely different subject, but in this case, I reckon one cannot be had without the other.

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