Obama_Barack-chaiirAlternative title, the chickens come home to poop.

Follow this timeline, if you will.   In November, some unknown regime official referred to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit.”    Now this same, or another, regime official is “offended because Netanyahu did not seek the regime’s blessing before accepting an invitation to address Congress, from Times of Israel:

In November the already faltering ties between the leaders were served a new blow when an anonymous US official was quoted calling Netanyahu a “chickenshit” in an article published by journalist Jeffrey Goldberg in the American magazine The Atlantic. The article portrayed the rift between the United States and Israel as a “full-blown crisis.”


The public spat between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and US President Barack Obama’s administration escalated further Friday evening, with US officials reportedly charging that it will be “hard to trust” Netanyahu, following the fallout from the announcement Wednesday that the PM would address Congress in two months, a move he failed to coordinate with the White House.

Read more: ‘It will be hard to trust Netanyahu’ after latest bust-up, US officials reportedly say | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/it-will-be-hard-to-trust-netanyahu-after-latest-bust-up-us-officials-reportedly-say/#ixzz3Pgj7wQvP

Comprehend,  when I call you a chickenshit, it follows that I feel you don’t have the standing to meaningfully insult me.   Yet the one hand, the regime says that Netanyahu is an insignificant nothing, but on the other, they are offended by the same insignificant nothing.   Go figure.   The regime of the lame duck is now feeding on chickenshit.   Expect Bibi to keep the regime well feed.

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