I have several resolutions for the New Year. Treat myself better, is one thing. I’ve been awfully hard on my body these last couple of years on the road. And it’s time I think that I started treating myself better. I like the life that I lead, and I’d like to live in a little longer, if you please.

I’ve also resolved to start paying more attention to this website. It is absolutely shameful how long I’ve let it linger while I deal with life.

In all honesty, a lot of it is because I have been unsure what direction to take the website. I’ve decided so that it doesn’t really need a conscious choice. What it needs is input. Writing. I generally don’t have a lot of time in the day to do that, but what there is of it I will spend on this project again.

In looking back at life, I find myself attending the hackneyed old line about regrets are mostly about things that we haven’t done. That is certainly true, but in fairness it should be noted that it would be true regardless of what we did, because there isn’t time or the mechanisms to do all that we would.

I have been worried that the site and my writings in this new environment that I find myself in would not be up to the standards I have set so far. But I am reminded of a phrase that I heard a few decades ago. Don’t try to be a great man, it goes, just be a man let history decide how great you were.

So perhaps the answer here, is to just simply start writing about what I see around me and comment on some of it.

Until I get a new mechanism to input to the site, the links that I toss up aren’t going to be as copious. But maybe¬† linking to other people’s work isn’t what I should be doing anyway. If you were looking for somebody else is writing you’d be looking at somebody else’s site.

I should note that David has been doing yeoman’s work here. I hope he understands how much I appreciate his work on this project. He’s got a berth here as long as he likes.

But it’s time I started getting the editor going a little more often.

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