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It is the First Day of Kwanzaa

Blondie, b/k/a Ann Coulter, tells us what she really thinks of Kwanzaa, from Daily Caller [1]:

Ann Coulter [2]

Ann Coulter

It’s as if David Duke invented a holiday called “Anglika,” which he based on the philosophy of “Mein Kampf” — and clueless public school teachers began celebrating the made-up, racist holiday.

From Wikipedia [3]:

According to University of Minnesota Professor Keith Mayes, the author of Kwanzaa: Black Power and the Making of the African-American Holiday Tradition, the popularity within the US has “leveled off” as the black power movement there has declined, and now between half and two million people celebrate Kwanzaa in the US, or between one and five percent of African Americans. Mayes adds that white institutions now celebrate it.[7]

Maybe we should celebrate every July 13 as Nathan Bedford Forrest Day [4]? After all, one racist holiday deserves another, and we don’t have any national holiday in honor a singular white man. Over due.