DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
The Breakfast Scramble is back, for now.

Jeb Bush: Ok Jeb is in Common Core and Amnesty are not the way to the White House. Then neither is, I am not a Bush. If Donald Trump wants to be President, he needs to explain way chronic bankruptcy some how serves as a presidential qualification. As for Rand Paul, Jeb has a whole lot less explaining to set him apart from Forty One and Forty Three than Jeb has do to set him apart from his nutcase father, Ron Paul.

Junior Cuomo:   Junior intends to ban fracking.  Evidently he afraid that somebody in New York’s Southern Tier might get a job.  Pennsylvania welcomes fracking and I don’t see a flock of refuges from PA’s Northern Tier flocking to frack free New York.  Do you?

More Junior:   Junior has announced four new casino in New York.   They sure are doing well in Atlantic City.

Camile Cosby:   Mrs. William Cosby is being asked question about her husbands alleged sexual misdeeds.   Will this new standard be extended to presidential  pretenders?   Don’t bet on it.

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