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Myths are Powerful.

I wrote yesterday with regards to Bill Cosby [1] and the attacks on his character after he started speaking out against the myth of the oppressed black, and speaking out against the race industry.

I’ll say it again so that you don’t have to go hunting. Cosby is being made an example of. Anybody who dare to speak up against the myth of the oppressed black, will be dealt with similarly is the implication and the threat.

Today in Ferguson and a few other cities, [2] we see another implementation of the protection of the myth, although  a somewhat different one.

The myth of the oppressed black must be maintained else they lose power. Advantage.

The fact is, Brown was a thug. There’s no gentle way to deal with that. That’s the truth of the matter. That he happened to be black is almost beside the point.

Fear. Fear of retribution. Fear of violence. That’s what is behind both situations.

Now, consider this… Isn’t fear the tool of radical Islam?

So, in reality, and in both cases what we’re dealing with is in truth, terrorism.

Terrorism, in support of a myth.