Sure this a local story, but so was Trayvon Martin’s attempt to kill George Zimmerman and Micheal Brown assault battery on Ferguson police officer Darrin Wilson.

Thomas johnson, IIIAt a press conference Thursday afternoon, the Rochester Police Department detailed the sequence of events that led up to the shooting on Hudson Avenue in which a Rochester police officer was shot and killed. Two other people were injured including an innocent bystander and the suspect.

Below is the verbatim sequence of events from Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli. It details the stop made by Officer Michael DiPaolo and Officer Daryl Pierson that resulted in the shooting on Hudson Avenue near Warsaw Street.
Timeline of events on Wednesday September 3, 2014
– Approximately 9:19p.m., RPD Tactical Officers stopped a vehicle. When they first observed the vehicle, it contained two people. When they stopped it, there was only one person in the vehicle.

– At about 9:20 p.m., Officer DiPaola and Officer Pierson arrived as back up for this vehicle stop.

– At about 9:22 p.m., Officer DiPaola and Officer Pierson began to search the area for the second individual who had been observed in the vehicle. Officer DiPaola was driving the police vehicle and Officer Pierson was the passenger.

– At about 9:25 p.m., Officer DiPaola and Officer Pierson observed an individual matching the description of the second occupant of the vehicle. Officer Pierson exited the police vehicle and approached the person who matched the description. This individual immediately fled Southbound on Hudson Avenue.

– Officer Pierson pursued this individual on foot, while Officer DiPaola turned the police vehicle around to assist in the pursuit.

– Officer Pierson caught up to the suspect at Hudson Avenue and Agnes Street. At that point, the suspect shot Officer Pierson one time with a 25-caliber handgun. This wound proved to be fatal.

– Officer Pierson and the suspect both fell to the ground. As they fell, the suspect’s 25 caliber handgun discharged a second time. We believe this second shot from the suspect’s handgun, struck the innocent bystander, Jamal Boller, 24 years of age causing a serious, but a non-life threatening injury.

– The suspect then got up and continued to flee on foot. By that time, Officer DiPaola exited his police vehicle and pursued the suspect. As the suspect was running, he turned to fire at Officer DiPaola.

– Officer DiPaola then fired one round at the suspect with his RPD issued handgun. Officer DiPaola’s shot struck the suspect causing a non-life threatening injury.

– Officer DiPaola then apprehended the suspect.

– At about this point, other RPD Officers arrived on scene, and then placed Officer Pierson in a police vehicle, transporting him to Rochester General Hospital.

– Officer Pierson was pronounced by Rochester General Medical Staff at 10:45 p.m.

– Both the suspect and Mr. Boller were transported to Strong Memorial Hospital for treatment. Boller was treated and released.

– The suspect underwent surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital, and is currently admitted to the hospital under police guard.

– The suspect has been identified as: Thomas Johnson III, a male, 38 years of age. We later determined that Mr. Johnson has an outstanding Parole Warrant.

Hat tip:  WHEC ( Rochester, NY)

Reax, Nice Deb:

There was a triple (black on white) murder in Kansas City, this week – not that the Rev. Al, Jesse Jackson or Eric (why is this man still our Atty Gen?) Holder give a flip. The perp was wearing a dark hoodie.

Then there’s that black cop shooting of an unarmed white man (thin guy, too – not a 300 lb behemoth) that happened in Utah two days after the Michael Brown shooting. But then, you probably haven’t heard about that one because it doesn’t fulfill a favored media (race-baiting, election year) narrative.

You will not be surprised to hear that the crack team of race-baiting radicals Eric (why is this man still our Attorney General?) Holder sent to Ferguson, have found enough evidence of “concerns”, “mistrust”, and “lack of diversity” that a civil rights investigation of the Ferguson Police Department by the Department of Justice is apparently warranted.

Mr. Holder sure take to his heart the idea Justice is blind.

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