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Honey, I Finished The Internet


I accidentally started a Wikipedia hoax: There it was, five and a half years later, being tweeted as fact by relatively well-known members of the New York City media establishment.

By: Kate | July 31, 2014 9:27 PM | 12 Comments
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Earlier on Small Dead Animals:

Most Women Don’t Care About Ant-Man’s Pym Particles


Sexism, obviously.


Men (well, those of a nerdly bent) tend to be interested in trivia and obscura; women tend to not be, or at least not so much… So the real [feminist] complaint boils down to this: The ten percent of Wikipedia which could reflect the cultural preferences of its unpaid volunteers does in fact reflect the cultural preferences of its unpaid volunteers, and yes, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine does get a more exhaustive, nerdishly-loving treatment than Sex & the City.

The federal government needs to pay people to study this and propose “solutions”? It occurs to me that we’ve spent $202,000 for a “study” which deliberately avoids a very simple explanation: Women just aren’t as interested in this type of crap as men. You don’t have to believe that to at least agree: This should have been one of the explanations scientifically studied, if we’re going to have a scientific study at all.


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In the first entry, Kate demonstrates that Wikipedia is but an interesting amusement. Whereas in the second, David Thompson is showing the regime using our tax dollars to investigate alleged sexism in non-credible information source. Wikipedia hardly matters and it certainly does not matter to the tune two hundred thousand dollars.

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