As this is written, I’m heading up I-81, from Harrisburg, PA to Syracuse, NY, and then home. I have a trainee, this week, and he’s doing the driving.

It’s July 4th.

But, frankly, there doesn’t seem much to celebrate as regards our hard won freedoms…. because there so many willing to give up those freedoms. Invariably, these are people to whom the American revolution, if it is of any import to them at all, it is the day off, and the fireworks displays.  People, who go through the forms and traditions… but its just the patterns that remain… an empty shell… to steal a line from Al Stewart. 

The ideas and ideals given us by the founders…. of limited government and thereby individual freedom, have given way to “what’s in it for me”.

I recognize, when I see polling data that I’m not talking about a majority, here. But I see us as being close to the point of no return, and  I sorrow for the America that once was… the one that Ronald Reagan always envisioned.

Remember, Gang, there were a lot of folks in the GOP who didn’t like Reagan either, or his values, so we cannot look to the GOP to back us away from this cliff, absent some serious changes in the GOP itself.

Its well past time we get our country back from the big government types of both parties.  Perhaps the best honor we can give to our founders is to ponder how we can move the country away from government and back to the people, as they envisioned things.

Enjoy your burgers and dogs on the charcoal grill. Given Obamas over’reaching EPA, it may be the last time you’ll have the chance. You did know they want to ban all charcoal fires, so they can stop global warming, right?

Well, that’s another post.

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