Billy Beck over at Facebook just now…

It constitutes a *lethal* national disaster to maintain open borders and a welfare-state at the same time.

Is there anyone who does not understand this?

The implications of this understanding are staggering.
The Democrats pushing this, and those of the GOP approving it, MUST know this is so. So, the only conclusion of that is they WANT to pull us down. I’ve said this before, Billy, and Ill say it again… at every opportunity, right down the line since the 08 election at least, but to a large extent before that, the powers that be…. leftists and centrists… have run…. no, LUNGED in exactly the wrong direction…. if we assume the correct: direction to be a stronger and freer America.  Every single time, right down the line without any exception.

One simply doesn’t get that kind of consistency, without two things going for you… talent and intent. They *WANT* to pull us down.

What other conclusion is there?

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