Should newly freed Army SSgt Bowe Bergdahl, get ticker tape parade or just a ticket to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas?

From Bergdahl as attribued by New York Post:

“I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools,” he concluded. “I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”

From Alan B. West:

However, there are questions that must be answered – like, why did the young Soldier walk off his Forward Operating Base (FOB) back in 2009? It’s not the modus operandi for Islamic terrorists to detain American troops when captured, as we reported previously. Our troops are brutally, ritually, and savagely murdered — to include American security contractors (remember the Fallujah bridge) — not held for five years.

From Paul Mirengoff, Powerline:

An Obama administration official, asked about the circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture, came close to acknowledging that Bergdahl had deserted, saying “frankly, we don’t give a s-t why he left; he’s an American soldier, we want to bring him home.”

I admire the sentiment, and an assessment of the prisoner exchange should not depend on Bergdahl’s character. For the reasons I offered here, the deal would be a bad one even if Bergdahl had been a model soldier and an unwavering patriot.

Not to out done, Nice Deb has questions for the father:

When I saw Bowe Bergdahl’s father on the news yesterday – with his Talibanesque beard speaking Arabic (supposedly so he could better relate to his son’s captors) I thought, “okay…something is wrong with this picture.”

The good news of his son’s release was tempered by the fact that Obama released five Gitmo prisoners in exchange. Later in the day, when we found out who those prisoners were- five top Taliban commanders – some of whom had committed war crimes – all of whom were deemed to be a risk to Americans – the “good” news was tempered even further.

Then more and more information came out about Bowe – who had deserted his company in the middle of the night and walked straight into the arms of the Taliban, and the whole thing really began to stink.

Welcome back from Hell Bowe. Now meet your new jail cell.

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