I withdraw my earlier suggestion that Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl deserves a prison cell in Fort Leavenworth.   Rather he deserves a holding cell, and the to be lined up against a wall.

When the regime wants to trot out a lie, they trot out Susan Rice, from Weekly Standard:

President Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, said on ABC that Bowe Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction” and that “Sergeant Bergdahl wasn’t simply a hostage; he was an American prisoner of war captured on the battlefield,”


As Rices says,  Bergdahl indeed did pay a high price for five years of Taliban captivity.   However better men than Bergdahl did a far higher price, the ultimate price.

Rebuttal from Stephen F. Hayes, Weekly Standard:

“That’s not true,” says Specialist Cody Full, who served in the same platoon as Bergdahl, and whose tweets over the weekend as @CodyFNfootball offered an early firsthand account of Bergdahl’s departure. “He was not a hero. What he did was not honorable. He knowingly deserted and put thousands of people in danger because he did. We swore to an oath and we upheld ours. He did not.”

And more from ABC News:

A Special Forces operator confirmed to ABC News the account of Bergdahl’s walking away by Bethea, the general and other soldiers, including the substance of an emotional anonymous testimonial posted online in the comment section of the Rolling Stone article, purportedly written by another soldier who served with Bergdahl.

And uppingr that stakes from desertion to treason, from James Rosen, Fox News:

A senior official confirms to Fox News that the conduct of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — both in his final stretch of active duty in Afghanistan and then, too, during his time when he lived among the Taliban — has been thoroughly investigated by the U.S. intelligence community and is the subject of “a major classified file.”

In conveying as much, the Defense Department source confirmed to Fox News that many within the intelligence community harbor serious outstanding concerns not only that Bergdahl may have been a deserter but that he may have been an active collaborator with the enemy.

Hat tip:   Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.

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