I feel like a dog is forest of fire hydrants, or in military parlance a target rich environment. Jerome Hudson manages to tie in two of my favorite targets, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and the National Association for the Advancement of [Liberal] Colored People, together with Donald Sterling.  I am not a big fan of ambush interviews, but in this case, the Reverend Sharpton does not know when or how to hold his tongue, from Daily Surge:

Daily Surge Publisher Jason Mattera asked the faux Civil Rights leader if he should be banned from television, “in the spirit of Donald Sterling,” for all the “racist stuff” he’s said over the years. Sharpton, recall, threatened boycotts and protests if the National Basketball Association failed to ban Sterling from the league.

If you can believe it, Sharpton challenged Mattera to produce evidence of racism.

And when that evidence was produced, easily (see above) – in this case, him calling Fred Harari a “white interloper” and David Dinkins a n***** – Sharpton ignored the shot at Dinkins, but ridiculously claimed that “whiter interloper” didn’t rise to the level of racism because it was directed at only one Jew, not a neighborhood of them.


Call me cynical, but it is hard to take any political movement which uses the Reverend Al Sharpton as a spokesman seriously. That is a shame. The black population is rift with problems. However, idiots like Sharpton are not trying to solve any of them.

Addendum I:  Eric
Full on agreement with David, here. One addition I would make to his comment, though… there’s a major difference between Sterling and Sharpton. Sterlings comments were made in private, then recorded and released without his permission. Sharpton has been laying his racism out, overtly in the press for a generation and more… to the resounding approval of the left. This difference speaks volumes.

Addendum II:   David

A significant difference between Sterling and Sharpton, is only Sterling in smart enough, or honest enough, to be aware that his remarks would be considered offensive.   Sterling spent what millions trying to buy redemption from the NAA[L]CP.   In contrast,  Sharpton wears his  antisemitism as if it were some kind of badge of of honor.


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