Laws for for the little people.   Case in point, Islamist militants murder four Americans in Benghazi.  In response, the regime sends and American film maker to jail.

Stupid college kid kills one bird, from FOX 5 (Las Vegas, NV)

A California law student was given probation and community service as his sentence for the decapitation of an exotic bird at a Las Vegas Strip resort.

In October 2013, Justin Teixeira was ordered by a judge to spend 180 days at High Desert Prison boot camp. As part of the order, the judge was expected to sentence the University of California, Berkeley law student to probation if he completes the term.

On the other paw, regime backed “green energy”  companies kill hundreds of birds, from CBS DC:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is refusing to turn over documents related to enforcement of environmental laws at wind farms where dozens of eagles and other protected birds have been killed, House Republicans charged Wednesday.

Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., said the Fish and Wildlife Service has engaged in a “deliberate slow rolling of documents and answers” for nearly a year. Hastings is chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, which has been seeking to compel the wildlife agency turn over internal documents related to its enforcement of laws protecting eagles and other birds.

An Associated Press investigation last year revealed that the administration was not prosecuting wind energy companies for killing eagles and other protected birds.

Only one wind energy company has been prosecuted for killing eagles and other birds in violation of federal law. Duke Energy pleaded guilty in November to killing eagles and other birds at two Wyoming wind farms and will pay $1 million.

It is not what you do.  Rather, it to whom you bundle your campaign contributions.

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