Imagine, if you will, that while Lady Bird Johnson was attempting to beautify our national highways, whe was a secret litter bug. Or that while Nancy Reagan pleaded for kids to just say no to illegal drug, she herself a a druggie. Or while Laura Bush was promoting reading, it was revealed that Mrs. Bush was illiterate. Imagine the cries of hypocrisy.

Yet today my hypothetical has been a fact.   FLOTUS, a/k/a the Fat Lady of the United States, b/k/a Michelle Obama continues her one woman crusade  against school children and their lunches:

WASHINGTON (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama is answering Republicans in Congress who want to roll back healthier school meal standards, holding an event at the White House to highlight the success of the health guidelines.

The Tuesday event is an unusual move for the first lady, who has largely stayed away from policy fights since she lobbied for congressional passage of a child nutrition law in 2010.

Sam Kass, director of Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to combat childhood obesity, said a Republican bill that would allow schools to opt out of the standards is “a real assault” on administration efforts to make foods healthier for kids.

It should be obvious that the only thing FLOTUS knows about diet and exercise plans is that hers does not work.

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