Brace yourself. from Courthouse News Service:

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – After waiting for four hours for dialysis with a shunt in his arm, a veteran told a Veterans Administration hospital he was leaving, whereupon VA police beat the hell out of him and stomped on his carotid artery, giving him a stroke that killed him, and they lied to his wife about it, the widow claims in court.

Here, dear reader, we have it all. Police brutality, the VA in a nutshell, and with it our own future with Obamacare.

I can say all of this with no fear of contradiction because at the bottom line, this is government in it’s pure form.

Addendum and edit:   DavidL

Speaker Tablecloth, a/k/a the Botox Queen touts Single Payer as an “improvement” to Obama Care, video:

Of course, Speaker Tablecloth will insist on imposing Obama Care on the mere peasants. She will exempt her and the ruling class from the draconian system.

Hat tip and more: Saving the Republic:

Single payer is and always was the end goal for obamacare. Complete govt control over everyone’s healthcare also allows the govt to control your life!

Govt controlled healthcare aka single payer has worked out so well just ask our friends across the pond or better yet the VA! The mess with the VA is single payer and that is what Pelosi, obama and all the progressives want for the entire nation.

If I were but emperor, I’d balance my budget with a tax on Botox.

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