davidl on May 3rd, 2014

Is the the Regime’s A-Team, video: Hat tip and reax, Neo-Neccon: The Vieter interview encapsulates and personifies the fundamental unseriousness of so much of the crew surrounding Obama and hand-picked by the President. They are play-acting at adulthood and responsibility More, Patterico’s Pontifications: Where was President Obama during the Benghazi crisis? Some GOP senators want […]

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http://m.washingtonexaminer.com/elijah-cummings-shockingly-disrespectful-to-subpoena-john-kerry-about-benghazi/article/2548001 Far as I’m concerned, that slimeball Cummings taking this attitude is the best evidence of all that hauling fellow slimeball John Kerry up before a committee is the right thing to do.

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