A bit of brilliance at the link.
The article is lengthy and a little geeky, given it draws geavily on an old ‘Twightlight Zone’ episode.  The author, however, draws a point in a fashion I’ve never quite seen before, so it is worthwhile.

Note particularly the following…

Imagine protesters agitating against a policy or law being considered in Congress.

Abortion rights activists: Hands off my body you sexist males!
Gun rights supporters: Let us have our guns back!
Gay marriage advocates: Please let have equality with heterosexuals and have our marriages subsidized and recognized by you!

As TLP pointed out, see the problem developing here? The problem isn’t whether the government should do X, Y or Z, it is that we inherently accede to the framework the state is all-powerful and we need to petition the government for rights. Instead of wondering, “Why does the government decide who is or isn’t married?,” we demand equality in the sense that all of our relationships are judged by the state. It is a victory if you are a fan of narcissistic authoritarianism.

What the government gets wrong, we ignore everything it does that we agree with. In The Obsolete Man, would you have been upset if the Chancellor deemed a doctor relevant because he was an expert at heart surgery? You wouldn’t even blink an eye probably. That is the problem, we have been taught to ignore authoritarianism when we agree with or if it suits our needs. We only get angry and agitate for superficial change we it does not.

Recall, please, that this set of events is exactly what I mentioned as the goal of Obamacare… that it didn’t matter if the thing worked to solve supposed issues with healthcare. What mattered was that it was accepted that healthcare was unquestioned  as the province of government. Why do you suppose Obama and company are spending so much spittle saying “conversation over”?

Notice also, please, where the remaining arguments have descended to…. when the GOP complains about Obamacare, and its overt failures, they say to the GOP… “where’s YOUR healthcare plan?” And the GOP dutifully: puts out a plan with government at its center.
No matter what happens, government takes over healthcare. No wonder the Obamaflunkies consider it a success.

I made the point several weeks ago that who marries who should not now and should never have been, the purview of government.  The above passage makes reference to that issue.

At what point do we as Americans believe in freedom enough to countenance the idea that government does not belong in control of some things, instead of running to government as the first solution to every issue?

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