The  media regime complex is so intent on waging a war on men that it has invent a pseudo-rape culture in secondary education perpetrated by men.   Yet it ignores a real rape culture in primary educated where the perpetrators are women.    Some illustration of the problem and a provocative theory, from R.S, McCain:

Question: How many teachers like Jennifer Fichter are out there, even now, drooling over teenage boys? What’s wrong with these women who “melt into a puddle” looking at an eighth-grader?

Excuse me for suspecting that cases like this reflect (a) perversely misdirected maternal instinct, (b) the impact of a hyper-sexualized culture, and/or (c) the egalitarian influence of feminism.

We are seeing way so many of these stories now there is cause to believe that this phenomenon — female predators who crave sex with teen boys — is increasingly prevalent. This raises the question of why more and more women are becoming perverts, and maybe the feminists screaming about “rape culture” at university campuses should devote more attention to this growing problem instead.

I say the problem with gender feminism is that it ignores human biology.

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