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Politico: Obama Now Outpacing George W. Bush on Judges

Anyone who has spent any degree of time reading these spaces recognizes the fact that we don’t consider the politico to be a bastion of right wing thought by any stretch of imagination.  That said, an interesting little report [1] showed up today in which we read …

Problems getting judges confirmed by the Senate have been a constant complaint for this White House — but this week, President Barack Obama’s aides are celebrating a confirmation count that outpaces President George W. Bush’s.

I suppose the obvious , and here is that the longstanding complained of democrats that the republicans in Congress are holding up the nomination process so badly are now out the window, unless and until the democrats want to acknowledge  their part of holding up judicial nominations during the Bush years.  even there, the democrats, as usual  aome out on the losing end of the race for the truth.