Perhaps someone can explain how the description at the link, doesn’t match what I suggested such a replacement would be;

Second, let us postulate for a moment on her replacement. The position of HHS Secretary under Obama going…. (Leaning?)…. Forward, is rather like handing over the captaincy of the Titanic AFTER it has struck the iceberg. The person assuming command knows the whole thing is going under, and they’ll be taking at least part of the blame.   One must assume that only a true apparatchik would assume such a position. One imagines easily the kind of cold fish needed to take on such an assignment. No matter how many people get hurt or die, the political goal must be achieved, “for the greater good”.

Not even a smidgen of corruption, Obama has said.
Hard to believe when clearly our new HHS director was chosen for her position based on her historical and well documented ability to be corrupt for the cause of advancing the left and its agenda.

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