There is no crying in baseball and and there is no royalty in the United States, unless, from a love struck WaPo:

America is not a hereditary monarchy. However entertaining it is to speculate, the news seems unlikely to have any real impact on the 2016 presidential election. So why did I find myself caring so much when Chelsea Clinton rannounced on Thursday that she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, were expecting their first child later this year?

Reax from a less than adoring fan, Cripes Suzette:

Mrs. Mezvinsky’s Baby. Here are the notes:

  • HRC run for prez
  • only thing missing is grandmotherhood
  • chelsea pregnant in 2014 then miscarrage
  • real baby in 2015. elderly mother. prenatal care.
  • Taking back healthcare. Out with Obamacare. In with “Chelsea’s Law”.

The senior Clinton’s, both B.J. and the Missus, are not royalty. They lack the elegance of royalty. They do have the air of Arkansas white trash.

Bonus, when will the word noted maternity expert  Miss Andrea Sullivan weigh in on Mrs. Mezvinsky’s baby?

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