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BLM Wages War on Cliven Bundy

Dirty Harry Reid call home, Nevada that is.   You have a problem the federal Bureau of Land Management is rustling cattle.   In the old day, that used to be a hanging offense.

Given that Barrack Obama views statutory law as mere suggestion, and sees no need to defend our nation’s border. Given that, why has Obama chosen to send his jack-booted thugs to wage war on a Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy in an alleged attempt to protect a tortoise, from Mail [1]l (UK):

Cliven Bundy has been battling the BLM since 1993 when he refused to pay for grazing rights after 600,000 acres of public land were reclassified as federal property.

Land managers claimed the change was necessary to protect a rare desert tortoise and limited the Bundy herd to just 150 head.

The government insists it is federal land which Bundy is using illegally claiming he owes more than $1.1million in unpaid grazing fees and has consistently disregarded federal court orders to remove his animals.

Obama cares more about a desert tortoise than real flesh and blood people.

Then their is the regimes alleged concern for women, the War on Women thing:

Another protester, from Utah, accused the BLM agents of ‘Throwing women to the ground, tasing them [and] sticking K-9 dogs on them’.

IF laws are to be mere suggestions, then why the war on Cliven Bundy?