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As Regards Sterling

(Me at OTB just now)

Granted, in the first sentence, the guy is less than, well, sterling. I make no defense for him. That said, though, there are a number of points about this case that deserve comment.

1: If I hear one more idiot declare that Sterling’s first amendment rights have been violated, I swear I will feed them to Bill and Hillary’s paper shredder. There are points of law in this case, but the constitution isn’t one of them. I view that business as one more indication of how bad government education is.

2:If Sterling is so much a racist, what’s with the half-black girlfriend? Does not compute, and there seems no explanation for it. (And mind, Ill say nothing of the age difference, though I suppose his ex-wife will.)

3: If Sterling is so much a racist why was he being set up for his second Lifetime achievement award from the NAACP in LA? There *IS* an explanation for that one…  The NAACP was letting the money Sterling was tossing at them cover an apparent multitude of sins. In other words, the race baiters at the NAACP sold out for their real goal. Money.

4: Why now? If, as we are being told his behavior is a long standing issue, what caused it to come to the fore, just now?  This one is a bit more complex. Anyone investigating this happening should ask as a ground level question, ‘who or what would this going to CNNs wall to wall coverage help?”

The answer came, rather unexpectedly, in the form of a presidential news conference. When was the last time any of you saw or heard of a private citizen’s private conversation, being a topic of a presidential news conference? It was at that moment that the reasons for the timing of this thing started falling together for me.

Picture what is happening, here.  We have a president with a 41% approval rating at last check, who has been for some time now trying to sell the idea that the only reason 59% of the country disapproves of him is because he’s black.  His policies, one by one are being shown as abject failures. Benghazi, Obamacare, jobs, the huge growth of government on his watch, The guy is a walking disaster. Pointing all of this out tends to get the usual suspects charging racism as well, but increasingly the charge is falling on deaf ears as the american people figure out increasingly for themselves what the proximate cause of all these failures are.

Add to this the recent admissions case from Michigan the USSC just ruled on, the fraud conviction of Jeri Wright, daughter of Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s erstwhile pastor, whose chickens have now come home to roost, and so many more points damaging to the cause of the race huxters, and clearly a diversion is called for. Something to get the people riled up to where they pay no attention to the reality of these failures. Hopefully before the mid-term elections in which the left will supposedly be paying for their sins. There’s a large number of folks who would love to change that situation.
Gotta find a way to push the message its all because of racism.

Well, its been observed many times that there is no easier way to get the leftist press to ‘chase the squirrel’ than to get someone to holler ‘racist’. So, the long term situation gets raised to crisis level by the rather convenient means of spreading an unattributed recording around via an already willing press, who immediately goes viral with it.

5:sterling is undeniably a sports figure, which is a gold mine for ‘the cause’, since pounding this race baiting message home doesn’t require a stable news cycle to maintain the drumbeat for an extended period. Have you listened to any of the sports channels of late? Have you noticed they all tend to sound like Bob Kostas? They’ll be carrying water on this one for weeks, now regardless what the news channels do.

6: What now? Well, someone or several someones buy the team… people like the folks the girlfriend was paling around with, to the objection of Sterling on that recording. Its just a guess, mind you, but I will bet she remains attached to the team by way of her old friends, the new owners… who could not have bought the team at all, and certainly not at the firesale price they’ll buy it with,  absent the scandal.