From Ta-Nehisi Coates, Atlantic:

On Sunday, I took my son to see two movies at a French film festival that was in town. The local train was out. We walked over to Amsterdam to flag down a cab. The cab rolled right past us and picked up two young-ish white women. It’s sort of amazing how often that happens. It’s sort of amazing how often you think you are going to be permitted to act as Americans do and instead receive the reminder—”Oh that’s right, we are just some niggers. I almost forgot.”


  • In this world, for a father, having him and his son snubbed, racism has to hurt.
  • In a better world, we could just forget about race.
  • Alas, in world in which we do live, race does matter.
  • Racist cabbies are old news.
  • Alas, while cabbies may be racist, they are not necessarily stupid. All things being equal, it is better to pick up two white women, than a black man and his son.

While was can, and should, hope and strive for a better world, we still have live in the world that we have.