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Obama Care Failing, Obama Happy

President Fifty Seven States doe not know his geography and the President who put the Obama in Obama Care. does not understand his signature program, via Stephen Green, Vodka Pundit [1]:

ObamaCare isn’t achieving its primary goal of extending coverage to the uninsured, according to a new study.

The survey released Thursday by the McKinsey & Co. consulting firm found that only 27 percent of people who have selected a plan on the new exchanges didn’t previously have coverage.


But what about the fierce moral urgency of covering 47 million Uninsurred-Americans who were dying of lethal conservatism?

I know, I know — I’ve asked that question before, and you already know the answer: ?bamaCare!!! was never about them; it was about centralizing money and power in Washington. The uninsured will do what they’ve always done, and as it turns out, mostly chosen to have done. They’ll pay cash for their minor needs and go to the E/R for their major needs, if any.

Meanwhile back on the golf course, President Delusional is happy as a clam, from Right Scoop [2]:

OBAMA: At this point, actually, I think it [Obama Care] is working the way it should. What we need to do after the first year is evaluate what the pool looks like. Can we make sure we are keeping the premiums low? Are there more people that we could eventually cover through other mechanisms, reaching those who are still uninsured.


Bobby Jindal alleges that Dumbo b/k/a President Barack Obama may not be as smart as advertised, from Karen, Lonely Conservative [3]:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal addressed CPAC Thursday afternoon and said that it “may be time to revisit” the assumption that President Obama is a smart man, “at least to make the distinction between being book smart and being truly wise.” He went on to offer former President Carter a sincere apology for having called him the worst president ever since “President Obama has proven me wrong.” He was just getting started. You can watch the complete speech in the video below.

Actually Governor Jindal is long past time.