In the Nineteen Thirties, Joseph Stalin was starving people to death and a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter was lying about it.  To wit, one  Walter Duranity:

Walter Duranty (1884 – October 3, 1957) was a Liverpool-born, Anglo-American journalist who served as the Moscow Bureau Chief of The New York Times (1922-36). Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for a series of laudatory stories on the Soviet Union. He was a highly respected journalist until his denial of widespread famine in the USSR, the Ukraine mass starvation (1932-33) in particular.

Now the regime’s scheme to destroy what was the best health care system in the world and yet another Pulitzer winner is lying about it, from Scott Johnson, Power Line:

Michael Hiltzik is the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Los Angeles Times, but he seems to have undertaken the position of research assistant to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Hiltzik essentially purports to provide the documentation proving up Reid’s assertion that reports of the human damage done so far by the implementation of Obamacare are all lies. The cancellation of millions of citizens’ preferred health insurance policies we’ve been hearing so much about since this past fall — Hiltzik’s not buying it, and he doesn’t want you to buy it either. So far, he’s persuaded Harry Reid.

Is Dirty Harry Reid another Joseph Stalin?  No!   Stalin was smart.   His plans worked.

I suppose given enough time, Barack Obama’s vanity trip,Obama Care could kill as many people as Uncle Joe Stalin. I don’t suggest we give Obama’s ego enough time to find out.