Personally I think Mormon theology to be flaky.  Just me, but on the other hand Mormonism does not bother me, nor do feel is entitled to less constitutional protects, via Betty Cracker, Balloon Juice:

Legal experts gobsmacked after British judge orders Mormon leader to prove faith’s origins

A disgruntled former Mormon has convinced an English court to file two summonses to appear against Thomas S. Monson, the current president of the Mormon Church.


This will never get anywhere, but I like the idea:

Hint, it is called faith.  No religion, to include global warming, can long survive if required to prove the factual basis for their belief.  There is a easy way to end this type of suit in the UK, file a analogous suit but name Islam as the defendant.  The Brits feel safe in attacking a peaceful religion like Mormonism.  They have got the nerve to attack Muslims in similar way.