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Academic Fraud At University of North Carolina

Academic fraud at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, from Epoch Times: [1]

Multiple independent investigations suggest that hundreds of African and Afro-American Studies Department courses offered over more than a decade, many “taught” by Nyang’oro, simply did not exist. No syllabi were created, no lectures delivered, no grading standards imposed. Hundreds of additional courses grades were changed and hundreds more “independent study” grades awarded. A large and disproportionate number of students involved were male football and basketball players.

Hat tip:   Small Dead Animals [2].

So how many Tar Heels,  to wit UNC  student athletes, not named Michael Jordan make to the pros?   How many other so-called universities are also running sham college programs for sham athletes?   If a college athlete can not meet the same academic requirements as every other college student, he simply does not belong in college, period.