Stand with Phil Robertson, a man who understands and admits to understands biology.  An example of one  confused blogger, from Mahablog:

Since then we’ve had a lot more hate fests on the Right. The Duck Dynasty nothingburger scandal reached a height of absurdity when an Illinois businessman running for Congress called the DD paterfamilias Phil Robertson the “Rosa Parks of Our Generation.”

And for a jaw-dropping argument that intolerance of his intolerance is oppression, because his intolerance is just the spice that makes life interesting, do see Mark Steyn. But keep the Pepto-Bismol handy.

I care not to use Phil Robertson’s phraseology, nor would I compare Robertson to Rosa Parks. That said, I can see a comparison. Parks wanted to sit where she choose.  Robertson simply expressed the preference of virtually every father, ever.  Face it, if Maha’s father had not shared Robertson’s preference, there would be no Maha.