Ann Althouse has managed to rat out Time‘s list of Person of the Year nominees.  I have taken the liberty of denoting what award each should  really win:

Bashar Assad, President of Syria [democide]
Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder [free market capitalism]
Ted Cruz, Texas Senator [long winded oratory]
Miley Cyrus, Singer [slut]
Pope Francis, Leader of the Catholic Church [holy hypocrite]
Barack Obama, President of the United States [ liar]
Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran  [playing John Kerry for the fool ]
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services [mass destruction of health insurance]
Edward Snowden, N.S.A. Leaker [traitor]
Edith Windsor, Gay rights activist [let us normalize sodomy]

As for Time’s winner, I’ll go with Ann.