Has the Moron in Chief, a/k/a Dumbo, a/k/a President Fifty Seven States, b/k/a Barack Obama just realized that the Unaffordable Care Ace,  a/k/a Obamacare has taken too many torpedoes has is now sinking?   This sure look like full panic mode, from Megan McArdle, Bloomberg:

On Wednesday, Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown reported that the administration was saying fewer than 500,000 people had actually lost insurance due to Obamacare-induced cancellations. This struck me as a strange leak: Half a million is a lot less than many people (including me) have been estimating, but it is still not a small number, and the administration has tended to sit on negative information until the last possible moment.

Yesterday, we had a more official announcement from the administration: Anyone who has had their policies cancelled will be exempt from the individual mandate next year. The administration is also allowing those people to buy catastrophic plans, even if they’re over 30.

Reax, Neo-Neocon:

One more thing—ever since the cancellations began, I’ve been wondering how Obama would respond if the political reaction to them was negative enough. My leading theory (and it was something of a joke, but also sort of not a joke) was that he’d declare Obamacare to be a disaster and that the people who’d been affected would be eligible for FEMA relief. This announcement of his today and the one last night aren’t far behind.]

Obama is an ideologically driven fool. Shame he had to destroy the nation’s healthcare system to demonstrate this fact.