Panic at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, from Useless Toady:

A car crash just outside Terminal 5 at Los Angeles International Airport and an anonymous call reporting a man with a gun in Terminal 4 incited panic Friday evening and triggered a large police response.

LAX spokeswoman Nancy Castles said the vehicle crash outside Terminal 5 Friday night caused passengers to report gunfire.

“Apparently there was a very loud crash. People inside the terminal did not know what was happening. Some people panicked and they self-evacuated from the terminal,”

Hay Zeus, imagine the panic if some kids managed to get their hands on some firecrackers.  The freedom loathing control freaks have managed to create a hoplophobic* culture.  Be thankful, the jack boots didn’t shoot anybody.

[*] Hoplophobia: an irrational fear of weapons, evidently real or imaginary.