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The Obama Lies: A Long And Sorry History of Broken Promises

The Obama Lies have become legend.  The allegation seemed all too familiar,  Clayton Cramer [1], yesterday, on Barack Obama’s inherent honesty, or lack thereof:

Every promise from that liar’s lips has an expiration date. And a revision date, too.

I keep wondering: does anyone under 35 care that they were lied to by this guy? And that he keeps lying? And isn’t even slightly bothered by it?

Mr. Clayton meet Mr. Geraghty, from Jim Geraghty, National Review [2], 5 November 2008:

All Barack Obama Statements Come With an Expiration Date. All Of Them.

By popular demand, the list of expired Obama statements…

Consumers should be aware that promises, pledged, and soul-healing rhetoric are only effective for a limited time; upon expiration they become “just words.”

With Obama, it is not “just words” but merely lies.