For Thanksgiving some few cook a turkey.   Many more dine on bird.   But this year Dana Milbank wrote a turkey, Washington Post:

At this time of Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the U.S. military — not just for the usual reason that it protects us from our foes but also because it has the potential to save us from ourselves.


But one change, over time, could reverse the problems that have built up over the past few decades: We should mandate military service for all Americans, men and women alike, when they turn 18. The idea is radical, unlikely and impractical — but it just might work.

I estimate that some four million Americans turn eighteen each year. Mustering in, processing, training up combat levels and mustering out some four million youths a year, will burn through a massive amount of resources yet produce a military both massive and impotent.    The purpose of a military force is to prepare for war and to prevail in war.  Milbank’s military could do neither.