snark2.jpgThe Snark of the Day, from Richard Cohen, RCP:

Where is Casey Stengel when we need him? In 1962 as the manager of the brand new and determinedly hapless New York Mets — 40 wins, 120 losses — he looked up and down his bench one dismal day and wondered, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” That phrase kept coming at me recently as I watched the impressively inept performance of the Obama administration in both foreign and domestic policy. On a given day, this administration makes the ’62 Mets look good.

Yeah, I know.   I’ll go back to snarking conservative, but the Obama Care train wreck has left me awash in liberal quotes.
Addendum Eric
Note that this quote David has found is of a piece with the quote he posted yesterday…there is a concerted effort to separate Obama and his failures from leftist policy.
I say it again, these failures are the best that can be expected from leftist policy. Obama, far from being inept, has done a very good job indeed, of implementation of liberal policy. Thing is, the logical result of leftist policy is disastrous, every time its tried. What we see here is a denial of that point.