Jenifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin

Are the ‘rats abandoning the sinking Obama Care ship.   On 30 September fifty-four ‘rats voted for a partial government shut-down rather than delay the [Un] Affordable Care Act, b/k/a Obama Care, from Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post:

CNN reporter Dana Bash’s tweet asserting that a senior Democratic source told her “to expect every sen dem running in 2014 to back” the proposal to delay the individual mandate was quickly blasted out by Brad Dayspring, communications director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, who just days ago was coping with public fury at Republicans for forcing a government shutdown. A Dayspring e-mail declared, “Every Democrat signing on to [New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne] Shaheen’s letter must answer whether or not they also support delaying ObamaCare’s tax penalty. If they do, why did those same Democrats oppose it as recently as three weeks ago, choosing instead to shutdown the government rather than consider the same ObamaCare delay that they now are rushing to support?”

And to think a few weeks ago, the ‘rate were comparing those who support4ed rolling back the mandate to terrorists. Can a ‘rat be a terrorist? Film at Eleven.