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Obama Care: Maternity Coverage for Men

Kathleen Sebelius [1]

Kathleen Sebelius

The Obama Care mantra of the ‘rate seems to be:  If one person needs it then everybody must pay.     For your wry amusement a delightful interchange between Representative Rene Ellmers ( NC  – 2 [2]) and Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebeliuss  (spam infested video at the links):

Rep. Ellmers: You also brought up the issue, when you were in Kansas [as governor and health insurance commissioner], that you fought against discriminatory issues. Now I-you know, as far as the essential health benefits [of Obamacare], correct me if I’m wrong, do men not have to buy maternity coverage?
Sec. Sebelius: Policies will cover maternity coverage for young and healthy-
Rep. Ellmers: Including men?
Sec. Sebelius: Under 30-year-olds will have a choice also of a catastrophic plan which has no maternity coverage.
Rep. Ellmers: The men are required to purchase-
Sec. Sebelius: Well, an insurance policy has a series of benefits, whether you use them or not. And one of the benefits will be-
Rep. Ellmers: And that is why the health care premiums are increasing this high, because we’re forcing them to buy things they will never need. Thank you, madam chairman.
Sec. Sebelius: The individual policies cover families. Men often do need maternity coverage for their spouses and for their families, yes.
Rep. Ellmers: Single male, age 32, does not need maternity coverage. [Crosstalk] Rep. Ellmers: To the best of your knowledge has a man ever delivered a baby? [3]
Sec. Sebelius: I don’t think so.
Chair: The gentlelady’s time has expired.

Aside from sheer stupidity, I don’t know why the Obama Regime wants young single men and old post-menopausal women to be forced to buy insurance coverage for maternity. Do you?

When I bought my car, I got the option package which included electric windows.   Got spoiled by not cranking.   However, I drew the line at the sun roof.   There just is not enough sunlight in Rochester to justificy the additoinal expense.  Then the Obama Regime must think your money grows on trees.

Hat tip: Patterico. [4]