Eric Florack on October 6th, 2013

As things have been developing in Washington these last few years, it is becoming quite clear that the corruption of our government for political purposes by Obama and the Democrats is far deeper and far more pervasive than even the staunchest of Tea Party people had thought. It is now the point where it is […]

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davidl on October 6th, 2013

The Sharp Tack, b/k/a Clarice Feldman digs up the epic sage of one Jim Morgan as attempts wade through the politically correct mis-education versionĀ  of Alice in Wonder Land, b/k/a the University of Wisconsin, via American Thinker: There is one further issue. At the end of yesterday’s diversity “re-education,” we were told that our next […]

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davidl on October 6th, 2013

The Snark of the Day, from Jane (Althouse commenter): If the federal government has the power to shut down roadways and parks and your disability check, why would you give them power over your health care? The ruling elite don’t want to take care of your health. They want to control your life.

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