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Algore: Different Subject, Same Aroma

Al Gore (hot air) [1]The ‘rate have a new talking point, to oppose Obama Care is to engage in terrorism. As if the Tea Party was going to hire thousands of IRS to enforce their will. Meanwhile ever faithful Algore sings a different song, but the tune is the same, Ace:

Now They Tell Us: New York Times Editorial Announces It Was A Mistake to Take the Mann Hockey Stick “Seriously”

You may wonder why such a statement would be made in the New York Times.

Well, not because they’re giving up on the Cult of Angry Gaia. No. What’s happened is that given the 15 year long hiatus in temperature change, certain proofs that the Science Is Settled You Guys have to be tossed out in order to save the rest of it.

In the editorial, the author argues that the Hockey Stick was always silly and therefore we shouldn’t be misled by reliance upon it.

Consider the source, from Abby D. Phillips, ABC News [2]:

Al Gore Accuses GOP of ‘Political Terrorism’ With Shutdown Threat

Algore is just mad because he been caught tossing dummy environmental wacko hand grenades for what fifteen yeras.