Oprah Winfrey presented a post-racial façade to make herself into a celebrity and a business empire.   Now it appears that Winfrey is just another racist, from Blaze:

Glenn Beck skewered the billionaire [Oprah Winfrey] on his Friday radio show for doubling down on her comparison of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till. In an appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Winfrey said “the truth of the matter is Emmett Till became a symbol for those times, as Trayvon Martin has become a symbol for this time.” Beck responded in a passionate monologue Friday. “Here’s what Oprah Winfrey doesn’t understand,” said Beck. “That is a made-up symbol. All of the facts, all of the facts show that Trayvon Martin is not Emmett Till. All of the facts show that race played no role in this… at all,”

Say it is not so Oprah. If you apply the Martin Luther King standard, and judge Winfrey not by the color of her skin but rather by the content of her character, Winfrey comes up short.

Hat tip and reax, Maggie, Lonely Conservative:

Oprah Fully Outed: Racist – Willing To Do Most Anything to Promote New Movie

Sadly it looks like Winfrey is using the ilk of the Al Sharpton as her role models.