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George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, Chris Lane And a Blind Media

The main stream media wants to control the narrative.   They only want to report the news that fits their narrative and only the selected facts that fit their narrative, from Brian Beutler , Salon [1]:

So let’s review: George Zimmerman wouldn’t have shot Trayvon Martin if he hadn’t been profiling by race. And even if he had been, the shooting feasibly wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been legally allowed to carry a handgun and didn’t think he was empowered by law to take matters into his own hands. The monstrous killing of Chris Lane has no such back story. The killers apparently had no motive whatsoever, were armed illegally, and certainly weren’t trailing Lane because they believed, based on his race, that he might be a criminal. They are, however, likely to face serious prison time for their crimes. Zimmerman walked.

The media is obsessed with white on black crime, while being blind to black on black and black on white crime. Case in point, Beutler cites George Zimmerman, a Hispanic, as an example of a white predator. Further Zimmerman did not shoot the late Trayvon Martin because of racial profiling. Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, because Zimmerman was being mugged, mixed martial arts style, by the thug Martin. The late Mr. Martin was a thug, anybody purporting to call himself a journalist, should know this by now, from Jack Cashill, American Thinker [2]:

They knew that Martin’s savage attack on Zimmerman was hardly out of character. Had they shared this information with the public, they would have helped dispel the widespread illusion about innocence of this seventeen-year-old “child,” a word they and the prosecutors used repeatedly, and helped prepare the nation, black America in particular, for the eventual outcome of the trial. Although not allowed to know it, Edwards had a lot in common with brother Trayvon. He too boasted of his drug use, his affection for violence, his disdain for bitches. He too even took a photo of his hand on a pistol. Though only fifteen, Edwards was on a slightly faster track than Martin. “With my niggas when it’s time to start taken life’s,” he tweeted three days before the shooting. Apparently, he was not kidding.

The lame stream media is unwilling to hold blacks morally accountable.   Pretending black violence does not exist is not a means to reduce it.