Why is some racism more tolerated, from Washington Times:

The double standard toxin involves Paula Deen and Al Sharpton. Deen is a chef with no political role who made racist comments decades ago. Sharpton made public racist and anti-Semitic comments and started race riots that left people dead. From Tawana Brawley to today, he persists. Deen is a white Southerner being flayed in the town square. Sharpton is a black liberal who was rewarded with an MSNBC contract.

Sharpton has actually stood up and defended Deen. Good for him, but Deen is being held accountable, and Sharpton never was

Deen is just a fat old lady who likes to cook.   In contrast, the Reverend Al Sharpt0n pretends to be a moral leader,  and a political commentator.    So why does MSNBC have lower standards than the Food Network?