I’m at the Bronx, as I post this, and it is hot. Radio says 80, my truck’s intakes read 95. Really humid, though. They say the area is supposed to catch heavy rain today tomorrow.

The liberal news media down here is all a flutter about the USSC yesterday. Another basic of society, has been uprooted. Can this be without damage? I ddon’t think so, nor, apparently do most Americans, since every time its come to referendum, its been defeated.

Now, the homosexual left think they have won, buI wonder if they understand that their victory now means they now fall under the higher taxes straight couples have been paying for generations.

Look, gang, what this is, is simple. Obamas presidency has been an outright disaster, even from the point of a lot of Democrats. The ever growing list of crimes attached to this administration has the left squirming in their chairs. So, we see Obama back in Europe, atBrandenburg putting on a show that even the attendees… invitation only, by the way… said was for the benefit of Americans, not the Euros… blabbering about left wing causes such as global warming, etc… he is outright desperate to divert attention from his problems and get his base back behind him.

Personally,I wonder if his base is quite that gullible. No, it wwouldn’t surprise me,but that is now the question.. can he save his image among leftists? Stay tuned, I guess.

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