Turn in your guns.

“Turn in your arms, the government will take care of you.” This is the message, displayed alongside traditionally dressed Native Americans, on billboards in Colorado. The billboards are meant to show what the government in the past did to a particular group of unarmed people.

Hat tip: Guns Save Lives.

I grant anybody the right to be offended by my use of the picture. Forward your objections, but first explain why a picture alluding to real Native American history is less offensive than white woman running for the Senate while pretending to be a Cherokee?

Second, explain why using the tragedy at Newtown, of which the democrats gun control bill would do nothing to prevent,  ad nauseam   somehow appropriate, but Wounded Knee is not.

Third, why is is acceptable for gun grabbers like Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg,  Carolyn McCarthy et all, to tell an endless string of lies both their proposed legislation, but is somehow improper for a Second Amendment supporter to use his First Amendment rights to refer to real history?

The liberals proclaim the government only has good intentions, but they have said that before, with bad consequences.

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