Mr. Carrey, I know Ronald Reagan, and you sir are no Reagan,  For reasons unknown to mere mortal men, the Canadian has been actor Jim Carrey continues to think of himself as relevant, via Byron Preston, PJ Media:

And to the bullies who will try to marginalize and discredit me by saying, “Shut up, you’re just an actor,” while they brag about what a great president the ACTOR Ronald Reagan was, who threaten me with the demise of my acting career and much worse, I say SO BE IT!


Reagan was also a union leader and successful governor who spent decades formulating ideas and plans to dismantle the Soviet Union. Carrey has spent decades turning his face into rubber.

From International Movie Data Base:

Ronald Reagan is, arguably, the most successful actor in history, having catapulted from a career as a Warner Bros. contract player and later television star into the governorship of California and two terms as President of the United States.

The young Reagan was a staunch admirer of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (even after he evolved into a Republican) and was a Democrat in the 1940s, a self-described ‘hemophilliac’ liberal. He was elected president of the Screen Actors Guild in 1947 and served five years during the most tumultuous times to ever hit Hollywood. A committed anti-communist, Reagan not only fought more-militantly activist movie industry unions that he and others felt had been infiltrated by communists, but had to deal with the investigation into Hollywood’s politics launched by the House Un-Amercan Activities Committee in 1947, an inquisition that lasted through the 1950s. The House Un-American Activities Committee investigations of Hollywood (which led to the jailing of the “Hollywood Ten” in the late ’40s) sowed the seeds of the McCarthyism that racked Hollywood and America in the 1950s.

The While Reagan was mostly a B grade actor, he did produce a number of fine performances, films like Kings Row,  Dark Victory, The Hasty Heart and what does Carrey have to offer besides The Truman Show?

The Gipper may have been just a B grade actors, back when we graded actors, but Ronnie was more than just an actor He was a veteran, the President of the Screen Actors Guild, a two term governor and two term president. In short, Reagan has a resume.    It was Ronald Reagan who put the term former in the former Soviet Union.   It was Jim Carrey who attempted to surrender to both Small Pox and Polio.