Aside to Dianne Feinstein the reason ts magazine limits are fine for ducks, is that duck don’;t fight back, and the Second Amendment has nothing to do with duck hunting.    God made Men and Colonel Colt made them, and women equal., horrific 911 video  (NSFW:

Hat tip video: Right Scoop

Note that the Indiana woman fought like a smart conservative.   One, she ignored Slow Joe Biden’s advice and did not use a shotgun and did not fire two blasts into the air.   Two, we did not take Colorado democrat’s advice and try to deter her attacked with a whistle or warm bodily fluids.    She had bought the gun that day.  Had Indiana had a wating period, the lady could well  be dead.

Please,  if you are going to use a gun to defend yourself, get to a firing range and get some instruction.  The lady waited too long to fireand lucky be alive.    As her former boy friend,  not is is over.